July 30, 2014

New Young Adult Book

The incredibly talented author and my friend, CaroleWilkinson, has tagged me for  “The Writer’s Blog Tour”.  The topic is what am I writing, so here goes.

What book am I working on?

Working has been a strong word for it. I’ve been ‘working’ on my next YA novel for about 9 months, in between selling our home, moving from the town to the city and sorting out a few major family issues. I’m way behind where I wanted to be, but am enjoying the writing, which is the main thing. Normally a zero draft takes about six months, but this one has been harder simply as I’ve been pressed for time.

Lost my glasses. Lucky I had a spare pair!

Lost my glasses. Lucky I had a spare pair!

So what can I tell you about my new work?

Not much.
I have a thing about talking too much about my work in progress too early as it seems premature and makes me feel very uncomfortable. I think what I’m trying to say is that I’m superstitious and not game to talk about what I’m writing too early. Guess it was like when I was pregnant. We waited 12 weeks before announcing our news – well I’m as caution with my current work. At the moment it’s a jumble of words and ideas that, like a jigsaw puzzle, need to be solved. The characters are new and fresh as is the topic and I’m enjoying the process, though the research is ongoing. Once my publisher has read an early draft, I then am more able to talk about it.

How does this young adult book differ from others in the genre?

This one is historical YA. That is all!

Why do I write young adult books?

I love to explore tough topics and how my young adult characters cope in those circumstances. I love and am genuinely interested in young people and how they see the world, so that’s why I write for children and young adults.
How does my writing process work?
For each book the process differs, but the bones stay the same. I have a notebook for each novel, and keep in there all notes, planning, editing decisions etc etc. The main reason for this isn’t particularly fascinating. Basically, I tend to lose stuff, so keeping it in one book keeps it together.
For this book I also have a research journal filled with details about the era – the music, the brands, the celebrities, the main issues of the day. This is kind of organised into topics just to make fact finding easier.
When I write I aim for at least 1,000 words a day, but at the minute, 100 words is a bonus. Some days I’m knocking over 3,000, other days, just 500. I’ll take what comes.
I know the work needs so much tidying up and rejigging (that’s a technical term!) and sometimes that overwhelms me, especially as that deadline just sailed. However, I just tell that nagging voice in my head to shut up, and repeat the following mantra constantly.
Just write, fix it up when you’re done.
So there you have it. I hope to share more details soon. It’s a topic I’m horrified by and passionate about.