November 3, 2014

I’m about to start my final week in ‘The Burrow’ as part of the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Fellowship. Over the last three weeks, I’ve spend time at Scotch College working with the most enthusiastic students and teachers, ┬ámet so many wonderful writers and librarians, ambled through galleries, museums and libraries, and believe it or not, have written too! I’ve edited my next young adult novel, and have worked on a non fiction piece.

The idea of the fellowship is to give creators time and space to do what they do without interruptions of everyday life. So far, three weeks in the Trust’s unit in Norwood, fondly called The Burrow, has given me just that – time to write, edit and to rebuild good work and health habits.

I’m indebted to the incredible support committee for all their attention. Someone asked me last week if I’d been lonely. Not for a moment. I missed my little family like crazy, but the support girls knew just the right time to offer coffee, a meal or a trip through the Adelaide Hills.

Here are an assortment of photos from the journey so far.