November 24, 2014

Okay, so I’m slow at changing my ways. Sure I’ve read ebooks, but I have to admit I prefer ‘real’ books. There is something wonderful about holding a book, turning the pages and feeling the cover beneath my fingertips.

But, it’s happening – I’m starting to embrace the technology. I’m warming to ebooks, particularly when I travel. Loading books onto my iPad makes for a much more comfortable trip. Man, books are heavy!  I’ve even started editing manuscripts on my iPad – I know! The trees are grateful.

Luckily my publisher, Black Dog Books, an imprint of Walker Books, is way faster at embracing technology than I am. Black Dog Books have just released my young adult novels After, Pan’s Whisper, Forget Me Not, Finding Darcy and You Don’t Even Know as ebooks. Dare You is coming soon, and my new book, still being edited and so far called Freedom Ride, will be an ebook too!

So, if you love ebooks, or just haven’t room for more books in your bookcase (yep, that’s another issue I have) you can buy my books as ebooks at the following places.

• iTunes/iBooks
• JBHiFi

Happy reading!