The picture book launch you have in isolation…

May is release month for Respect, Magabala Books‘  first picture book in the ‘Our Place’ series.

Aunty Fay, Lisa and I are delighted with our book and are proud to have it published by the amazing Magabala Books crew.

We had hoped to have a celebration launch, which those who know me will be surprised to hear. However, COVID-19 put an end to our plans.

Instead, this week we will be sharing bits and pieces about Respect on social media, and Aunty Fay is warming up her vocal chords for radio interviews from her lounge room.

On behalf of Aunty Fay, from her lounge room, and Lisa in her Gippsland studio, I’d like to thank Magabala Books for their faith in us and Ballantyne-Rawlins for their vision in taking our words, mixing them with Lisa’s exquisite illustrations and creating the magic which is Respect.