Before COVID-19 changed our lives, this week would have been CBCA Book Week 2020 – Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

In the past when Monday of Book Week rolls around, my car is packed, my iPad filled with PowerPoints and my school-visit-bag loaded with throat lozenges to help my voice last the week. But this year, because of COVID-19 the CBCA Committee has moved Book Week to October 17 – 23. So my car and school-visit-bag are empty.

Some schools across the nation have decided to still celebrate Book Week this week. If you are at one of these schools, I hope you have a brilliant week of celebrations.

Whether you’re celebrating Book Week 2020 now or waiting until October, I have a fabulous Portable Magic for you today.

This week’s guest is a former teacher and book editor who now writes fabulous books, works as an editor part time and is also writing mentor.

Sue Whiting is not only a talented writer, but one of life’s lovely people who is in high demand as a visiting author. We talk about writing, editing, stories and her latest books.