Sue Lawson with other authors

sWriting a book can be a lonely process, but it’s definitely not a solo experience. While writing requires the author to work alone, the editing, proofing and publishing process is a very collaborative one, and an experience Sue loves.

Sue has extended this love of working with others to create books to her writing.

She collaborates with Boonwurrung Elder Aunty Fay Muir and Taungurung weaver and artist Cassie Leatham to create books about First Nations People, culture and lives.

Sue has also teamed up with other authors.

Sue thoroughly enjoys the collaborative process and is working other projects for Wild Dog Books.

For more information, contact Sue.

Author Sue Lawson

Sue Lawson collaborates with authors on a range of projects

Sue Lawson’s writing collaborators

Aunty Fay Muir

Aunty Fay Muir is a Senior Boon Wurrung and Wemba Wemba Elder, community leader and Koori Court Elder. A former nurse and educator, Fay is now a language specialist and a prison educator in First Nation languages.

As well as these important roles, Aunty Fay is also a mentor, author and educator. She works with students and teachers, providing cultural guidance and curriculum advice. She is passionate about sharing her culture.

Aunty Fay also writes books with Sue Lawson. Their first book, Nganga, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Words and Phrases, inspired the Our Place series, published by Magabala Books. Aunty Fay and Sue are working on more picture books for the series and non fiction projects.

Jodi Toering

Jodi Toering

Jodi Toering was born in the Mallee at Hopetoun and grew up on a wheat farm outside a small town called Beulah.

As a child, she was fascinated with stories, reading on her own well before school. When she didn’t have her nose in a book, Jodi spent her time drawing or writing. Jodi had two dreams: becoming an English teacher and writing picture books for children.

Fast forward several decades, and Jodi is now juggling the roles of full time teacher, mother, performer and author!

Sue Hindle

New author Sue Hindle has spent 25 years researching and practicing wellness, energy and sound healing. She runs workshops for all ages, including school visits to support and nurture staff and students.

Sue is also a talented singer and music teacher. She works in schools and kindergartens fostering enjoyment and love of singing and music. She also holds private lessons. Her uplifting CD, “I Can’t Stand Still’ has been embraced by both children and adults alike.

Karen Tayleur

Karen Tayleur was born in the western suburbs of Melbourne, but moved to the eastern suburbs in her tweens. Reading was something she learned to do before she started school and it has helped shape the person she is today.

Karen has had a variety of jobs including present wrapper, bank teller and ward assistant in a nursing home. She was a publisher at the age of 20 for the short story magazine Brave New Word and thinks nothing can replace the rush of writing, except maybe reading a really good story.

Karen has over 40 books published for children and young adults published in Australia and overseas. Her young adult books include Six, an unputdownable coming of age story and Hostage, a fresh, fast-paced read.

Andrew Kelly author

Andrew Kelly

Andrew Kelly was born in Melbourne, grew up in Melbourne and, apart from a few years in England, the land of a portion of his ancestors, he has spent his life in Melbourne.

Andrew is passionate about the city, its history and, of course, its river. He has written numerous books for children. He is the former Yarra River Keeper.

Cassie Leatham & Mr Beaky

Cassie is from the Taungurung people of the Kulin Nation. She is an artist, master weaver, traditional dancer, bushtukka woman and educator. Cassie is passionate about giving people opportunities to learn and understand Aboriginal culture.

Cassie didn’t choose Mr Beaky. Mr Beaky chose her. Mr Beaky is a blue budgerigar whose favourite perch is the arm of Cassie’s glasses. He speaks three languages – Budgie, Taungurung,
and English. Mr Beaky has over 150 different phrases and loves to visit schools and share his identity story and knowledge of First Nations language.