The Three Emus Australian Children's Picture Book

The Three Emus (2017)

Roo, Mo and Flick are three emus from Uluru who spend their days exploring campsites and poking their beaks into visitors’ tents, pockets and backpacks. One day, while sticking her beak into a Swedish backpacker’s pack, Flick loses a treasure – a special shell she carries everywhere. To retrieve Flick’s treasured shell the three emus...

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Jamie’s Star (2005)

Jamie has coped with many challenges since his mum became ill, but how will he prepare for the toughest challenge of all? A moving story of love, acceptance and hope. Illustrated by Rebecca Wheeler. Half the author’s royalties go directly to the Cancer Council of Victoria.

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My Gran’s Different (2003)

Charlie’s gran doesn’t go to the footy, make cakes or work in the garden, because Charlie’s gran is different. But even though Charlie’s gran is different, he still loves her! A must read for all children. llustrated by award-winning Carolyn Magerl. Published in Canada, Nothern America, Japan, China and Korea.

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