Sue Lawson’s award winning young adult books are recognised for the sensitive way they explore the exciting and heartbreaking complexities of growing up. Her Australian young adult books are loved by readers, teachers, librarians and critics alike.

Sue’s latest young adult novel, Freedom Ride, was shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year, Older Readers, in 2016.

Freedom Ride by Australian author Sue Lawson

Freedom Ride (2015)

Robbie knows bad things happen in Walgaree. But it’s nothing to do with him. That’s just the way the Aborigines have always been treated. In the summer of 1965 racial tensions in the town are at boiling point, and something headed Walgaree’s way will blow things apart. It’s time for Robbie to take a stand....

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Pan’s Whisper (2011)

Pan Harper is brash, loud and damaged. Ordered into foster care, Pan is full of anger at her mother and older sister and is certain that she knows the reality of her past — until she meets Hunter, the boy who understands her story better than anyone else, and who just may be the key...

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You Don’t Even Know (2010)

A story of love, loss and forgiveness. Alex Hudson is a good guy. He plays water polo. He has a part-time job. He s doing okay at school.  Then the thing that anchors Alex is ripped away and his life seems pointless. How can he make anyone else understand how he feels, when he doesn’t...

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Dare You (2010)

When does a dare stop being a game? Ruby, Khaden and Sas have been best friends forever. But they aren’t kids anymore. Life has become complicated and it is testing the boundaries of their friendship. Despite the warning signs, their childish games spiral out of control. And this time someone will lose.

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After (2009)

What happens when you’re not the coolest kid in school anymore? CJ Alexander has been shipped off to the country to live with his grandparents, who he has never met. Here he tries to avoid his past, but no matter what he does, he can’t outrun the truth. Teacher notes for After. Shortlisted Yabba, Victoria reader’s...

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Finding Darcy (2008)

When Darcy Abbott is sent to live with her surly grandmother and silent great-grandmother she uncovers a mystery regarding the death of her great-grandfather, Darcy Charles Fletcher, during World War II. A powerful story of the damage that secrets can wreak over generations — and the healing liberation of truth.

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Allie McGregor’s True Colours (2006)

Allie McGregor has a list of problems longer than movie credits. House renovations have forced Allie to share her room with mouse-loving little sister, Sarah. Her dad, Will, calls Allie ‘The Hormonal One’ during his popular radio program. Her brother Riley is just plain gross.Her best friend Lou is fighting with Allie’s new friend, Romy. Oh, and...

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