Sue Lawson’s young adult books

Sue Lawson’s award-winning young adult books are recognised for the sensitive way they explore the exciting and heartbreaking complexities of growing up.

Her books, including Pan’s Whisper and You Don’t Even Know, feature strong, believable characters who face and overcome their greatest fears.

Heartfelt and real, these Australian young adult books are loved by readers, teachers, librarians and critics alike.

Sue’s latest young adult novel, Freedom Ride, was shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year, Older Readers, in 2016.

Sue is available to speak and facilitate sessions at festivals and literary events. Contact Sue to find out more.


“This is an inspiring and historically significant work that forces us to confront the racism of our past.” Freedom Ride

Natalie Platten

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Freedom Ride by Australian author Sue Lawson
Freedom Ride by Australian author Sue Lawson
Finding Darcy - Sue Lawon