Allie McGregor’s True Colours

Allie McGregor has a list of problems longer than movie credits.

House renovations have forced Allie to share her room with mouse-loving little sister, Sarah.

Her dad, Will, calls Allie ‘The Hormonal One’ during his popular radio program.

Her brother Riley is just plain gross. Her best friend Lou is fighting with Allie’s new friend, Romy.

Oh, and Allie’s mum has cancer.

Published by Black Dog Books, 2006

“Rarely do we read about such well-adjusted, reasonable parents as Trish and Will, and it’s quite refreshing. The strength of the family is, in the end, what gives Allie the capacity to recognise what’s important and show her “true colours”.

Sydney Morning Herald

Told in a humorous first-person voice, through the eyes of the attitude-laden Allie, this is a moving read that deals with weighty issues yet maintains momentum as it sweeps the reader along.” 

Sally Murphy

Aussie Reviews


Australian Family Therapists Award for Children’s Literature