Forget Me Not

The story of one family’s voyage on the Titanic.

“I am filled with the worst feeling. Everyone says it is the safest, most luxurious ship in the world, but something about it is extremely unsettling.”

Evelyn Gilmore does not share her brother Thomas’s excitement about travelling on the maiden voyage of the luxurious Titanic.

For Evelyn the ship is taking her away from everything she knows and loves.

For Thomas it is taking him to his new life.

How could they know what the trip would bring?

Published by Black Dog Books 2012

“A tender and beautiful introduction of a terrible tragedy for young readers.”

Dimity Powell

“engaging and meaningful…”

Trisha Buckley


“I am going to come straight out and say this book had me blubbering…”


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Forget Me Not - Sue Lawson