The Diva Series

Sue Lawson’s popular Diva Series has sold over 500,000 copies in Australia and has been published in America.

Mickey Farrell has a dream to be the hottest singing sensation in the country. But first she has to survive the gruelling challenge of the DIVA competition. The perfect aspirational read for tween girls.

Diva 1 – It’s a Girl Thing

Mickey Farrell, who dreams of being the hottest singing sensation in the country, signs up for Diva Competition on live TV.

Diva 2 – Rising Star

At the International Resort, Mickey is coping with limousines, dance steps and Mini-Freak.

Diva 3 – Going Solo

Mickey reaches the third round of the Diva Competition but had to perform solo.

Diva 4 – Finale

Mickey is one of the final five contestants – who will be crowned Diva?

Diva 5 – Girls’ Stuff

What happens after the Diva Competition? Girls’ Stuff TV. Mickey’s dream, if she can survive Mini-Freak.

Diva 6 – Girls’ At Sea

The latest Girls’ TV episode is on a whale watching boat. What if Mickey becomes seasick on national TV?

Diva 7 – Drama Queen

From whale watching to dairy farming, the Girls’ Stuff team is covering some ground. How will Coco survive the worst two days of her life?

Diva 8 – Extreme Girls

Jet boating sounds like fun. But with TV cameras rolling and a jealous co-host, jet boating might be the worst thing ever for Mickey Farrell.

“The stories will be readily snapped up by the pre-teen group, eager to read of girls their age and a little older winning a singing competition and then competing interstate with a whole lot of others.”

Fran Knight


“Lawson writes in a very easy style and telling the story first-person, present tense draws the reader into the fast-paced action immediately.”

Vicki Stanton